Mike Walsh
Manchester Uk

Bio: A brief (ish) word on why I began this blog. I am a happily married, self-employed joiner and have worked in the industry for coming on 30 years. I have two daughters and a son. The girls are/were both away at University, one Just completing 4 years of a Speech Therapy degree - which I have to say, (to my utter surprise) wasn't about teaching lisping kids how to pronounce their "S'" so they didn't sound like they had a tongue like a party streamer, but was wayyyyyyyy more medically involved.. (Well done Em) The other daughter is galloping her way passionately through her 3rd year studying veterinary medicine and seems to be on placement at practices or farms every time everyone else is on holiday and using large animals like glove puppets. (Tremendous Hol) My son has played football from being a small boy to the professional level he is currently at and has decided to embark on a 4 year scholarship in America, again playing football (or soccer - pff - as these Yankies like to call it) while doing a computer science degree. My sister has moved over to France with her husband, where they are finally completing the renovation of a derelict old farm house they began some 6 years ago just outside Cognac. This blog was my way of keeping in touch and (hopefully) keeping them entertained during the time I don't get to see them. Originally it was intended as a personal thing, just for those who are absent from home. So when I began it, I was posting away like I was on a sugar rush. I have to admit, I'm not computer savvy and finding my way around sites is a chore. Instead I allowed my blind enthusiasm to get the better of me and began machine-gunning away at the key-board, posting stories and sending links for my daughters/son and sister to read at their leisure, laughing to myself as I re-remembered incidents that had taken place over the last 40 years or so. Imagine my surprise therefore, when I discovered I was publishing on a public forum open to whoever discovered my ramblings... It was a slightly toe-curling-nails-down-a-blackboard moment, as I realized others had read the words I had written. Dear God But then I decided - buggerit - They're all true stories. The ridiculous and the funny. People can make their own minds up. I can only hope you have as much fun reading these stories as I did writing them down.

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