Catching My Breath

I haven’t been writing a great deal of late as I’ve been making the most of the lighter nights (sadly on the wane) to concentrate on my cycling. So really this is just an update and excuse why the blogs have ground to a halt over the last couple of months.

These are a number of images I took when I gambled that I had enough energy in my legs to continue my ride after doing so. Usually at the top of something high. So after sucking in enough oxygen to steady my shaky legs, I did so.

Plenty of blogs in draft and on the way covering a number of memories and musings. From “Tex, The Amazing Memory Dancing Man”, “Barrow In furnace” and “The Karate Kid And The Ginger” amongst others.

All, I might add, at the loss of a good evenings cycling..


Iphone Skiaphos 084

(The Todmedon – Bacup road)

cragg vale to hebdon veiw 001

(Top of Cragg Vale)

croma and rammsbottom 003

(The Helmshore Road panoramic view L-R Rawtenstall to Edenfield)

Ramsbottom sunday24.8.14 001
(View form Helmshore Road across to Edenfield)

Tour De France 003
(View up to Holme Moss from brew stop on Tour De France day)

Tour De France 005
(Tram-Line Dave)

Tour De France 021
(Me Up on Holme Moss looking back down route Tour would come from)

Tour De France 023
(Panoramic from Holme Moss)

Christies 100km 004
(Just Finished Christies Hospital 100km sportive)

Crown Point 001
(Crown Point)

Grane Road 004
(Top of Crane Road)

Grane Road 005
(Crane road Back To Helmshore)

Grane Road 006
(Jackson Heights just off Crane Road)

The next hill’s in sight..

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